Screen recording is a great way to document what’s happening on your computer screen. However, if you are using Windows 11 on your desktop computer then it’s almost impossible to screen record on Windows 11. You need to be on the Windows 11 on your laptop or tablet to do this. This tutorial will show you how to do this.

In Windows 11, Microsoft introduced a new feature called Screen Recording. In this article I will show you how to “screen record” on Windows 11 easily. Screen recording is a great way to create a video of a specific section of a computer screen. This can be a great way to show a friend a product demo.

Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system was released more than a year ago, but it’s still tempting for some to use its more powerful predecessor, Windows 7. One of the perks of Windows 7 is the ability to screen record, but this feature is nowhere to be found in Windows 11.

Screen capture is a fantastic method to snap screenshots of information you encounter on the internet, in games, or even a funny glitch on the system. You will be able to capture more detail using screen recording, providing the viewer with additional information. You can utilize screen recording to record presentations, video games, tutorials, and pretty much anything else. After that, you may share the movie with your friends or post it to YouTube and other social networking sites. Let’s look at how to record your screen in Windows 11.

There are a variety of tools available for recording screen on Windows 11. However, only a few of these are really helpful and worth taking the time to screen capture anything you want. If you’ve always wanted to screen record, keep reading to learn about a few of free programs you can use to capture your screen on Windows 11.

How to Use the Xbox Game Bar to Screen Record on Windows 11

The Xbox app for Windows is a fantastic and helpful program. Of course, you can always use it to chat with your other Xbox pals, check your stats, and track your progress in the games you’ve played using Xbox Game Pass. Having said that, you can also utilize the Xbox Game Bar. On Windows 11, here’s how to utilize Xbox Game Bar to record your screen.

  1. First and foremost, you will need both the Xbox App and the Xbox Game Bar App. Both are available for free download from the Microsoft Store.
  2. Sign in to the app using your Xbox account once you’ve downloaded it.
  3. To go to the game bar, just hit the Windows key and the G key together. The Xbox Game Bar will appear as a result of this. It will teach you how to use basic controls like turning on or off your microphone, taking screenshots, adjusting audio input and output levels, and even screen recording.
  4. In Windows 11, the key combination Windows Key + Alt + R may be used to start or stop screen recording an app. How to Screen Record on Windows 11 [Two Easy Ways]
  5. The captured screens will be stored in a captures folder in your Videos Library.

You should be aware, however, that the Xbox Game Bar will be able to record games and a limited number of programs. It does have certain drawbacks. Overall, if you simply want to keep track of your gaming records, this is the software to use since it’s free and simple to use.

How to Use OBS to Screen Record on Windows 11

OBS is a free open-source program that may be used to screen record and even live-stream your screen to YouTube, Twitch, or any other streaming site. The software is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems, making it one of the finest screen recording and broadcasting programs ever created. In addition, unlike other applications, it does not have any watermarks. Here’s how to screen record virtually anything on your Windows 11 PC using OBS.

  1. On your Windows 11 PC, download and install OBS.
  2. Launch the program once the installation is complete.
  3. It will question you for the reason you want to use OBS. You have the option of optimizing for streaming or for recording. Make the best decision for yourself.
  4. You must first choose a source before you can begin screen recording. So, under Sources, click the + button. how to screen record on windows 11
  5. You must now choose Display Capture from the list of choices available. how to screen record on windows 11
  6. It will prompt you to give the source a new name. Enter the code and press the OK button.
  7. You will now be prompted to choose a display source. Simply choose the Primary Monitor option. If you have several monitors, click the OK button after selecting the display you want to screen record. how to screen record on windows 11
  8. Simply click the Start Recording or Stop Recording button in the bottom right corner of your screen to begin or stop recording.

That’s how you can record your screen on a Windows 11 computer. You may record everything and anything on your Windows 11 PC with an OBS screen recorder without any restrictions. Furthermore, you may live stream your recording to sites such as Twitch and YouTube. You may also customize your stream using OBS’s customisable banners and headers.


These are the two most effective free ways for screen recording anything on Windows 11. While the Xbox Game Bar has certain drawbacks, it’s ideal for screen capturing all of those games. You may simply go ahead and screen record anything you want now that you have both applications installed on your machine.

Other options exist, but they may leave you with a watermark and/or offer restricted settings, requiring you to pay them to access the rest, which is obviously not a viable choice. We hope you now have a better understanding of how to screen record on Windows 11.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you record your screen on Windows 11?

You can use the Windows Game bar to record your screen.

Does Windows 11 have screen recorder?

Yes, Windows 11 has a built-in screen recorder.

What is the easiest way to record your screen on Windows?

There are a few different ways to record your screen on Windows. One way is to use the Microsoft Edge browser, which has built-in screen recording capabilities. Another way is to download a third-party program such as Fraps or OBS Studio that will allow you to record your screen and share it with others.

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