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How to Screen Record on Windows 11 [Two Easy Ways] 

Screen recording is a great way to document what’s happening on your computer screen. However, if you are using Windows 11 on your desktop computer then it’s almost impossible to screen record on Windows 11. You need to be on the Windows 11 on your…

How To

How to see everyone on Microsoft Teams? 

Microsoft Teams is the company’s new answer to Slack and other team communication apps. It is not a replacement for Skype for Business, but, instead, is a way to communicate without having to switch apps. We all know Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s new chat software…

How To

Enable Push to Talk on Discord In 5 Steps 

Push to Talk is a popular feature on Discord that lets you talk to your team while in a different channel. However, some users are experiencing major issues with Push to Talk on Discord. Discord has released an official Push to Talk feature, but it…